Informulary Rx for Employers helps manage spend & communication with a clinical lens

FOR PLAN DESIGN   Claims analytics platform to visualize spend, identify savings opportunities, and monitor progress. With over 86 million employees on self-insured plans which are facing 16-20% YoY increase for Employer’s Rx spend, as much as $20 billion are wasted on low value Rx despite better alternatives. 


FOR EMPLOYEES   Platform-agnostic on-demand tool with access to Rx benefit plan information, ability to compare options using gold standard clinical data on drugs. Current Rx plans simply list covered drugs, with drug effectiveness simply assumed. 



Early analysis for clients showing potential for significant savings per employee per year 

Typical amount an employer spends per employee per year


Number of employees


Potential savings calculated from Informulary analysis for customer

$1,500,000 - $2,000,000

Why Informulary?

HARD ROI   Initial analysis shows 5-10x customer ROI by saving 10-15% of total Rx costs annually

PROVEN   In national trials, 2x more people identified an objectively better drug when provided the DrugFactsBox vs. standard drug labels and advertisements

SCIENTIFIC   Based on 15 years of research at Dartmouth College Medical School

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