Management team

michael sailing in turkey

michael sailing in turkey

Michael Tupanjanin, CEO

Michael has spent most of his career helping companies transition and enhance their businesses through the use of digital technologies and devices.  Most recently, Michael was the Chief Revenue Officer at Sitecore, a $200M technology company used by the world's leading brands to build online and mobile customer experiences.  At Sitecore, he led all global sales, services, customer support, and partnerships.  Prior to Sitecore, Michael was the CEO of Metavana, a startup that developed highly accurate algorithms to track social media for consumer expressions of opinions and emotions about companies products and services.  As Executive Vice President of FAST, Michael led all global operations while the company grew from a startup to a global leader in Enterprise Search.  FAST was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.  Michael remained with Microsoft for another 3 years in order to lead the commercial integration of FAST, and was subsequently placed in charge of the Digital Marketing Platform Group.  Earlier in his career, Michael was the VP Corporate Development for an eLearning company, Centra Software, which had a successful IPO in 2000.  He also had successful stints at several high tech media companies including CMP Media and Ziff Davis.


Drs. Steven Woloshin & Lisa Schwartz, co-founders

Drs. Steven Woloshin and Lisa Schwartz are an internationally known research team in risk communication. Their areas of expertise include medical statistics, prescription drug evidence, medicine in the media, and overdiagnosis/disease mongering.

Drs. Woloshin and Schwartz are very active beyond their traditional research. They have worked with the FDA to improve the quality of prescription drug information, resulting in the drug facts box included as section 3507 in the Affordable Care Act. They run an annual symposium for health journalists called “Medicine and the Media: Reporting on Medical Research” in collaboration with the NIH. They are columnists for the British Medical Journal, their essays have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, and they are the co-authors of two books: Know Your Chances and Overdiagnosed.


Catalina on Mt Jackson looking out to Mt Washington

Catalina Gorla, COO and co-founder

Catalina helps operationalize and commercialize the DrugFactsBox research. Prior to joining Informulary she was the Program Manager of innovations in translation and new initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for Healthcare Delivery Science. In this role, Catalina worked with researchers and business professionals to develop self-sustaining entities that address needs in the health care delivery system. Prior to Dartmouth, she worked as an economist for a large investment management firm, focusing on international financial markets. In this role, she developed new tools and analytical reports on investible foreign markets. Prior to her work in economic research, Catalina completed a financial leadership rotation program in the insurance industry, and held positions at an investment bank and law firm. She received her AB from Dartmouth. 


Clinical Content team

Erin at The Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Erin Pearson, Special projects manager

Swarthmore College, Art

I love working in a dynamic start-up with a great group of people. It also feels great to be part of a company with an important, positive mission.


Cheryl on lake champlain

Cheryl Wheelock, Special projects manager

My background is in assisting medical professionals find the information they need to treat patients, and to do important medical research. I was drawn to Informulary because of my admiration for its founders, Lisa and Steve. Having worked for the Dartmouth College medical library for many years, I have had the pleasure of being able to follow their work with risk communication and very much admire what they are doing. The idea of having the opportunity to join their team of talented people and to contribute to the beginning of a very important effort was very exciting for me, and something I didn’t dare pass up.


karen in San Francisco

Karen Lubell, Writer

Dartmouth College
New York University

Karen Lubell is a writer living in the Hanover, NH area.  She holds degrees from Dartmouth College as well as New York University, where she taught writing while pursuing doctoral work in English Literature.  She has worked as a writer and researcher in many different fields, including a stint at the New York Times as the language researcher for William Safire. Her special interest in the health sciences began four years ago with a health scare, which led her to the work of Drs. Schwartz and Woloshin. She is very excited to be a part of the Informulary team, and help with their mission to make data about prescription drugs accessible to all.  She lives in Norwich, Vermont with her husband, two children, and one very old cat.


Teresa At the Vatican in Rome, Italy

Teresa Biel, PharmD,  Writer

University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

Teresa Biel is a pharmacist living in the Austin, TX area, and works as a hospital pharmacist at Baylor Scott&White. Her focus involves monitoring the use and prescription of "high risk" medications for patients during their hospital stay and at the time of discharge. She first heard about Informulary via an NPR news segment, and was intrigued about the particular way Informulary plans to revolutionize drug information content for the public. Recognizing the value of the DrugFactsBox, she wanted to become involved in a movement that will better assist patients in interpreting their health care through actionable and concise drug information. 


Analyst Team

trevor playing ice hockey at wake forest

Trevor Brown, Health Care Data Analyst

Wake Forest University 2016, Economics

Why Informulary? Informulary suits my interests in pharmaceuticals and data analytics.  I was particularly drawn to Informulary because of its small size, and the ability to work on important tasks and play a significant role within the company.


james playing badminton at the arch badminton club in st. louis, mo

James Huang, Health Care Data Analyst

Dartmouth College 2016, Neuroscience

Why Informulary?  Growing up, both of my parents worked for Pfizer, and as a result, I got to learn a lot about drugs and drug development through them. Informulary presents me with the opportunity to look at drugs from the other side, the post-development side and at the same time, offers me the opportunity to work with a great group of people devoted to helping people to make more educated decisions about their own healthcare.


erik in front of the u.s. capitol building

Erik Schneider, Health Care Data Analyst

College of the Holy Cross 2016, Chemistry and Philosophy

Why Informulary?  The intersection of science, medicine, public health and business proved irresistible to me.  Also, the prospect of introducing meaningful change in how we interface with medical information is a critical undertaking that I’m excited to join.


bethany walking the beach at narragansett, ri

Bethany Sneathen, Health Care Data Analyst

Princeton University 2016, Molecular Biology

Why Informulary?  Pharmaceuticals play a substantial role in the health care industry, but information about medications can be confusing and overwhelming to the average consumer. My role at Informulary enables me to consider in depth the impact of these medications, a topic that I find fascinating in its own right, while I assist in the dissemination of a more comprehensible version of this information. I believe the patient education and empowerment that will result is a powerful positive contribution to health care.


Katherine Hiking up Cannon Mountain to the top of the observatory tower.

Katherine Titus, Senior Health Care Data Analyst

Tufts University 2015, Biology with Art History minor

Why Informulary? I chose Informulary because I am passionate about health education and I strongly believe in helping people make better decisions and being more engaged in their own health care.  It’s just exciting to be part of a team that has such a powerful mission.



Brian White, Senior Health Care Data Analyst

Dartmouth College 2015, Biology

Why Informulary? I was drawn to Informulary because of the team's commitment to helping patients take a more active and informed role in their healthcare, as well as the opportunity to learn extensively about drug science, clinical trials, and the pharmaceutical industry.